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Auburn Lull

Michigan's Auburn Lull create lush, Brian Eno-inspired soundscapes, at once filmic and pastoral. Despite the fact that the once-thriving Michigan space-rock scene has all but faded out, Auburn Lull continues to evolve their brand of technicolor sound, steadily attracting critical acclaim and an ever-growing fan base. Auburn Lull formed in Lansing, MI in 1995 by Sean Heenan, Jason Kolb, Eli Wekenman, and Jason Wiesinger. The band instantly became associated with other like-minded bands from southeast MI, particularly Mahogany, with whom they released the Dual Group EP in 1997, which received airplay on the John Peel show and was called "drop-trousers gorgeous" by the Ptolemaic Terrascope. In 1999, Mahogany's Andrew Prinz produced and designed the sleeve for Auburn Lull's debut full-length, Alone I Admire, which was initially released on Burnt Hair and reissued by California-based Darla Records in 2002.// Behind All Curses of Thought Lies the Ability to Focus on Vacant Spaces, also know as North Territorial, was released on Belgium-based Zeal records in 2001. This 7" single featured two new compositions tinged with antique synth and subdued drum machine.// After a 3-year sojourn culminating in remote mountainside sessions in the Allegheny Range, Auburn Lull returned in 2004 with Cast From The Platform on Darla Records. Cut from the same transparent cloth as their classic debut Alone I Admire, Cast From The Platform offered 11 new songs laced together with the signature reverbed guitars, samples, strings, loops and electronics that always propel the group's complex, delicate and powerful compositions. Produced by Andrew Prinz and recorded in studios, houses, an echo chamber and even a grain silo, Cast From The Platform saw Auburn Lull's use of shimmering harmony and counterpoint move forward on songs like 'Building Fifty' and 'Deterior,' while works like 'Season of False Starts' and 'Direction and Destination' build under the influence of slowly-changing, gently-unfolding guitar and cello phrases. In 2005, Darla released a collection of Auburn Lull rarities known as Regions Less Parallel. RLP includes remastered versions of the Dual Group EP (the original vinyl now almost impossible to find), the North Territorial 7", various compilation tracks, as well as previously unreleased material. The band is currently finishing it's third full-length album for Darla, which promises to maintain and elevate shimmering dynamic beauty.


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